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Boudreau’s Structural Steel Fabricators – Steel Erectors – Manufacturing Connecticut


Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. has provided commercial and industrial building fabrication in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts since 1964. Boudreau’s Welding fabricates and erects structural steel for industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and office buildings. In southern New England, Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. should be your first choice among steel fabricators, erectors and manufacturers in Connecticut

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  • Industrial, Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Iron Fabrications
  • Sheet Metal
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Miscellaneous Custom Parts for all Industries
  • Welding and Metal Repairs
  • Abrasive Resistant Material Fabrications
  • Service area includes CT, MA, RI


Fabrication and Welding Specialists

Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. is an expert fabricator and erector of structural steel for industrial. commercial and office buildings. Our service area includes Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Industrial manufacturing and related applications include machine platforms, guards and hoppers. Boudreau’s offers a full complement of fabrication and welding of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized aluminum and copper using MIG (gas metal arc welding), TIG (tungsten inert gas), and stick (flux shielded arc) welding techniques. Boudreau’s Welding is also capable of manipulating metals with shearing, bending and plasma cutting.

Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Iron Fabrication

Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. has served Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts since 1964. We provide full service structural steel building applications and miscellaneous iron fabrication of structures, stairs, mezzanines, custom display frames, towers, railings, custom parts manufacturing and more.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized and Copper Fabrications


  • Boudreaus copper cupola
  • Boudreaus aluminum diamond plate
  • Boudreaus mteal guard
  • Boudreaus fume exhaust system
  • Boudreaus duct work
  • Boudreaus stairs
  • Boudreaus custom fire pit cover fabrication
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  • Boudreaus weldment
  • Boudreaus custom display frames
  • Boudreaus steel bucket
  • Boudreaus stairway
  • Boudreaus stairs


Sheet Metal

For all industrial, commercial and residential applications regarding sheet metal, choose Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. Boudreau’s Welding of Dayville CT produces custom fabrications in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized aluminum and copper. Some commercial applications of sheet metal work includes duct work, hoppers, transitions, machine guards, ventilation exhaust hoods, brackets, and tanks. We have fabricated copper flashing, copper cupolas, stainless steel trays, racks and carts, insulated spray booth enclosures, water baths, and stainless steel countertops.

Commercial – Industrial – Residential Steel and Metal Fabricators


  • Boudreaus chipbox
  • Boudreaus control panel openings
  • Boudreaus barrel exhaust hood
  • Boudreaus vertical oven
  • Boudreaus stainless trays
  • Boudreaus spray booth
  • Boudreau's Welding Boiler Smoke Stack Fabrication
  • Boudreaus spark arrest unit
  • Boudreaus tank
  • Boudreaus sheet metal fabrication
  • Boudreaus mteal guard
  • Boudreaus tower

Abrasive Resistant Material Fabrications

Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc. manufactures machinery for industrial use, buckets for heavy equipment, truck bodies, and other fabrications where an abrasive-resistant end product would be desirable.

Crane Service

Boudreau’s Welding Co. Inc is a fully capable provider of crane service for industrial, commercial and residential applications. Boudreau’s 26 ton boom truck boasts 103-foot boom. We are able to install HVAC units, set steel framework and trusses to erect buildings and other structures.

Plasma Cutting – Welding – Repairs

Boudreau’s offers welding and repair services of various types on a variety of metals. We have a plasma cutter for manufacturing applications.

Retail Sales

Boudreau’s Welding offers retail sale of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, steel plates and shapes.


Steel Fabricators and Sheet Metal Fabrication and Installation Connecticut – Massachusetts – Rhode Island